A Message From Derek: What is VIP Tour?


Hey there, this is with Real Social Dynamics. I know you’re busy, so let’s cut the bullshit.

As you may have heard, 2020 is my last year coaching with RSD.

In order to help those who truly want to skyrocket their results in life and with women, I’ve decided to do a round of exclusive workshop events all around the world.

I’ve been commonly referred to as “RSD’s Instructor’s Instructor” and I have helped train and mentor multiple coaches over the last decade.

The old self-help adage goes “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”... which is why I’m doing this tour, to meet the most dedicated guys in the RSD ecosystem.

These talks will give you the opportunity to chat with me and my superstar team of assistants. Together we’ll work to build your roadmap to success in life and with women.

Ask us ANYTHING and we’ll help you get the solution you need.


  • Get your questions answered, sticking points solved, and custom-tailored feedback from a seasoned veteran in the game with over 15 years of experience.
  • Connect with several like-minded individuals who are ready to step it up and help push each other along the journey. To get REAL RESULTS, you need to fully immerse yourself in this lifestyle. No more excuses of “I can’t find anybody to go out with”.
  • Master and handle other areas of your life such as business, friendships, and achieving what YOU want on YOUR terms. It’s time to stop living someone else’s plan. Only YOU can be the leader of your life.


  • Develop your core character so you achieve TRUE and LONG LASTING abundance. Not being able to get the women you desire will be a thing of the past.
  • Develop a KILLER INSTINCT to slingshot you toward your goals and your dream lifestyle. Unleash your inner DOMINATOR by internalizing the traits that attract beautiful women AND keep them stuck to you like glue.
  • Set your unshakeable frame and finally become the “cool guy” that you have a vision of in your head… you know the one… the guy that turns heads when he walks in the room.
  • To cultivate the internal confidence required to speak your mind totally unhindered and unfiltered without the fear of judgement.


At the VIP Tour, you will join me and my team of talented assistants for an intimate workshop that is catered to YOU.

You will…

  • Get your questions answered by a “hive-mind” of pickup superstars.
  • Hear inspirational field reports that will leave you amped, ready to take action and at the edge of your seat.
  • Uncover and clarify your specific goals and values… these will serve as the roadmap during your pickup journey.

And the best part is, you’ll be WILDLY ENTERTAINED during all of this. Get ready to be shocked, laugh, and maybe shed a few tears as I share some extreme stories and hardcore concepts that I wouldn’t dare put on the internet.


For those of you who don't know me, here's a quick bio…

I'm a Real Social Dynamics (RSD) Executive Coach who focuses 100% on coaching Bootcamps - I don’t spend my time on YouTube, filming Hot Seats, etc: I spend that time coaching clients to success in the club.

“Pickup” has been the most passionate hobby of my life. I make the vast majority of my income from my private business interests, not my work with RSD. I coach with RSD because I love working with successful and/or ambitious men who are ready to crush-it in their dating lives. Many of my closest friends around the world were former Bootcamp clients of mine. Helping other winners succeed is one of my greatest satisfactions in life.

I've been involved with “pickup” since 2002, RSD since 2003, and have been on its board of directors since 2007. I have personally trained several of RSD's executive coaches and influenced them all.

Over the past 3 years, I have taught more live Bootcamps than anyone on Earth. I’ve been traveling the globe teaching 1,000’s of clients the skills they need to meet, have sex with, and date any type of woman they want. Many of these men later invite me to their weddings with the women of their dreams.

I’ve personally dated some of the most beautiful women in the world including 3 Playboy models, a Maxim model, several other print and runway models, celebrities, and Ivy League educated women.

I’ve helped 1,000’s of men live their dreams of abundance with women and I can advance your results with women FASTER than you’d reasonably think possible.


If you’ve never been to an RSD Live Event, I implore you to come. Finding a few solid wingmen is CRUCIAL to your success with women and there is no place better in the world to find a wing than at my VIP Tour.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you’ll walk away from the VIP Tour with veteran game insights you can’t find anywhere else.

IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER you’ll be able to blast away Approach Anxiety, escalate physically, and get a deep understanding of Social Dynamics. Even if you have no experience at all.

We will show you how to PRACTICALLY APPLY the new content you have been learning. You will also discover how to balance your newbie “intent” with “freedom from outcome”, allowing you to approach with hardcore intensity and make a solid first impression (especially on those 9s & 10s).

You won’t just get the theory behind the content, which you may already know, but literally HOW EVEN AN IDIOT CAN EASILY APPLY IT TODAY. You’ll start off on the right path. I’ll help you develop the goals and the right framework to get you where you want to go.

IF YOU ARE INTERMEDIATE and find yourself stuck, experiencing issues with inconsistency and trying to crack through a plateau…

We are going to instill advanced-guy behaviors into your psyche that will compel women to chase. Let’s remove the inner blocks that are holding you back from ultimate success with women.

Discover how to project your masculine aura 24/7 and get consistent results every time you go out.

IF YOU ARE ADVANCED and find yourself wanting hotter girls, successful friends, threesomes, harems and all out SOCIAL GLORY…

You will uncover the number one reason I’ve been able to get such explosive results during my career. Napoleon Hill calls it a “Mastermind Group” and once you attend the VIP Tour, you will be well on your way to cultivating your own.

My events are collaborative and attract quality action takers. We strive to keep each other in check and help each other blast past blind spots to keep progressing. You’ll link up with advanced-level allies to help you on your success with women journey.


You’re a victim, complainer or whiner - To get this shit handled, you need to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY over yourself and your emotions. If you’re the type of guy that likes to blame everyone but himself, please don’t bother attending the workshop.

You can’t take BRUTALLY HONEST FEEDBACK - As you may have noticed by now, I don’t treat you like a coddled little child. My speeches and programs are for MEN, not whiny little bitches.


Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here if you had the guidance you need. That’s where I come in, to tell you the shit you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.

Make the right decision and attend the VIP Tour. Put in your time and achieve mastery in this area of your life. You’ll never look back on the time you spent learning this as time wasted. No regrets.

Or you can do nothing and continue to hang out with the same loser friends who are uninspired and apathetic towards life and success… allowing them to drag you down with them into the depressing pits of mediocrity…

I prefer the former.


Sign up NOW and we will see you there!

Hearing an instructor live is COMPLETELY different than watching a video. You will FEEL the energy, hear the vocal projection and see the body language up close and IN PERSON - then you can model these qualities to add a whole new dynamic to your game.

Come to the VIP Tour! There is ZERO DOWNSIDE. You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of crazy adventures to gain.


Things To Know Before You Arrive At The Seminar in ,

Registration begins an hour before the event on at the venue.

If you have friends you'd like to invite just send them a link to this page. The workshop will start around and will conclude around , so be ready to learn!

Venue details will be announced to attendees approximately one week before the event date. Stay tuned to your email so you know the precise location of the venue.

If you have any questions or problems or need any kind of assistance, please feel free to email support@realsocialdynamics.com and we will do whatever we can to make your experience outstanding.

Welcome to the TRIBE and strap in for a wild ride! Your life is about to take off! We will see you at registration on at the venue.